In the market for a new Microsoft laptop/device?

If you are in the market for a Windows laptop or Surface Pro I would recommend researching and buying a device from the Microsoft Store in your neighborhood mall. There are several good reasons…

  1. The laptop/device is Signature Windows i.e. there is no “bloatware” installed by PC/laptop vendors.
  2. The system comes with Windows Defender (anti-piracy, security software built into windows)
  3. The devices have multi-touch support i.e. one can use gestures to interact with the system in addition to other input devices (mouse, keyboard, voice etc)
  4. For additional $150 you can get a Apple care like service for 2 years beyond manufacturer’s warranty i.e. total 3 years.
  5. They have a wide variety of devices & products and knowledgable staff. Great price points (e.g. $699 for Lenovo 15.6″, Intel i7 dual-proc, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10, Office 365 OR $599 for similar Acer system)
  6. Office/Office 365 is bundled into the product.
  7. Even without the $150 service package you can bring the device back to the Microsoft store for help or training.
  8. The system will have latest Windows 10 OS and Office software.

I am an ex-engineer from Microsoft Research  & the Windows Core OS division and love developing & learning hardware/software systems. All the best!


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