Open Source Projects

RAP_logo.gif Resource Awareness Philly (RAP) is a Code for Philly open-source project currently in the prototyping phase. It is a platform for apps (web/mobile), services and datasets for users and partners affected and dealing with socio-economic inequalities. Here is the GitHub project and an early prototype (UI only).



Daily Myths is an open-source web application that dispels some of the common misconceptions about astronomy in a fun trivia-style game. It won the 2012 NASA Space Apps Challenge Hack event in San Francisco in the education category. The  site has been localized in 6 international languages and here is the github project & Twitter handle.



SystemC is a set of open source C++ classes and macros which provide an event-driven simulation interface (see also discrete event simulation). In certain respects, SystemC deliberately mimics the hardware description languages VHDL and Verilog, but is more aptly described as a system-level modeling language. SystemC is defined and promoted by the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI — now Accellera), and has been approved by the IEEE Standards Association as IEEE 1666-2005[1] – the SystemC Language Reference Manual (LRM). I was part of the founding team of SystemC as a developer.