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Crafted with ♥ in Philadelphia.

Slowhand is a  music education desktop app that is an innovative way to learn to play any song from videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or your hard drive by looping parts, zooming in to see what’s being played, and slowing down the video without affecting sync or pitch. Bob DeKett (CEO of Slowhand) approached us to develop a high quality Slowhand Mac app from scratch. The goal was to deliver a quality product for NAMM 2016 in Nashville, TN and a future GA release.

The Slowhand Mac development team includes Taun Chapman (Moedae), Amit Rao & Bob DeKett. Being experienced iOS/Mac developers we adopted some of design paradigms on the Mac platform with the mission of respecting the Mac platform and following Apple’s HIG within the constraints of the design requirements. We delivered regular release builds with functional features following Agile development processes using solid architecture, design patterns and powerful coding methodologies & tools. At the end of each sprint we had regular demos with Bob incorporating feedback, improvements and providing options & tradeoffs to Bob. Taun also integrated a hardware pedal via USB for NAMM 2016 which allows the user to be hands-free and operate the app using the pedal. The end result was a high quality Slowhand Mac launch for Summer NAMM 2016 that exceeded Bob’s expectations. Slowhand Mac was received very well by musicians at NAMM 2016. We will strive to continue delivering engineering & product design excellence and a high quality Slowhand Mac public release.

From Bob DeKett…

In my 25 years of producing video games and entertainment software apps, I finally found my “go-to” development team for all things IOS and Mac in working with Pixie Bytes. Amit and team are truly Pros, always delivering on time with highest level of expertise, quality and superb communication.